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Top 10 Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks to be the very best!

Pokemon Go has become the latest app sensation with millions of downloads world wide. Pokemon Go is currently available in over 30 countries which includes the United States, Canada, and most of Europe. 

Having played the game myself, I would like to share the following tips and tricks which you might find useful.

# 10) Starting off with a Pikachu.

When a brand new Pokemon Go account is created, the user has the option to select one of the three classic pokemon starters. This includes charmander, squirtle, and bulbasaur. When you get this option to select your starter pokemon if you simply walk away from the three pokemon four times, the game will give you the option of selecting pikachu as your starter. Most people already know about this trick by now and it seems like those who have patiently waited for the official release of the game in places like Canada have been able to make use of this lovely exploit. 

# 9) Try to catch every pokemon you come across

When we get to the top of this list you will start to see why catching every pokemon you come across becomes very useful. The main reason to do it is to simply get lots of exp and stardust. Common pokemon such as pidgey and catterpie and weedle can be very useful to catch early game because they are the easiest to evolve, since they only require 12 candies of their kind. So go out and catch em' all!

# 8) Running out of items? Go downtown or visit populated tourist areas. 

The way pokestop and gyms are setup in this game, they tend to spawn most where people gather. In the area that I live in there are barely any pokestops or gyms in the area. From my house I can see about 2 gyms and 1 pokestop. All of which can only be accessed by walking roughly 30 minutes. So whenever I want to catch a lot of pokemon, I travel downtown. There are literally hundreds of pokestops in every direction and several gyms. You can also meet a lot of people who are also interested in pokemon. 

#7) Avoid awkward situations with ar mode off and don't get caught cheating. 

Pokemon Go has been made by a company called Niantic. In 2012, the company released a game called Ingress, which is somewhat similar to pokemon go. Recently, people have found a way to spoof their gps locations on their phone in order to access pokemon that are generally not available in their location. Niantic has been savvy enough to detect these spoofers and have been dishing out temporary bans. Back in the day, people had started using similar gps spoofing methods to cheat in the game Ingress. They seemed to be getting away with it for a while, however, one day Niantic decided to drop the ban hammer and eliminate all accounts that had been found cheating. So if you have been thinking about using gps spoofing for pokemon go, it is highly recommended that you don't, unless you want your account permanently banned. 

It's fun taking pictures of the pokemon you find when those pokemon are in odd locations. Like an abra sitting on the toilet, or a magicarp flopping around on a frying pan. There are some situations where having your camera pointed at something can be very disastrous. For example, there have been reports of people getting fired for playing pokemon go at the workplace and taking pictures of "sensitive materials". Sometimes people might think you are trying to take a picture of them. If you wish to avoid all that nonsense then you can simply turn off the AR setting on the app. This setting will be available to you in the top right hand corner, every time you try to catch a pokemon. you dont even have to point the camera at the pokemon to catch it. It will always be simulated in the center of you phone.

# 6) Save power and catch more!

Pokemon go is notorious for its rate of power consumption. I had assumed that the amount of data it would use up would also be fairly high, however, after paying for about 24 hours within the span of a week, I found that the app only used up around 700 mb of data. That is a fairly small amount of data usage, however, when it comes to using up the battery on my iPhone 6 S plus it drains it within a matter of hours. There are a couple of things you can do to tackle this issue. The first thing to do would be to close any background apps or pages that might be running. Turn down your brightness and maybe use a battery pack. I use a mophie battery pack myself. This is the model that I would recommend: CLICK HERE

The mophie powerstation works great and I would highly recommend it. There is also a cheaper model that is known to work well and it is this one here: CLICK HERE

Having a battery pack is great as it saves you hours of charge. Sometimes it isn't enough because you have your app running in full power. In order to make the app run more efficiently, what you can do is turn on battery saving mode. To do so, first click on the pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen. This should open up a new window with several icons. On the top right corner, hit the settings icon. Then go to the fourth option which is battery saver mode and turn that on. Now your phone should last several hours longer. Note that sometimes the app will turn off the battery saver setting when you log back in so if you want it to be on just double check the settings.

# 5) Don't hatch your 10k eggs early!

This is one of the biggest mistakes early game. I was really excited when I got my first 10k egg. It was when I was around level 9. So i ran the full 10k the same day that I got it and I hatched a cp 900 Electrabuzz. Getting a cp 900 anything at level 9 is no joke. I was dominating gyms all around my neighborhood at the time. This is within the first couple of days of release so all the gyms in my area had pokemon that were less than 300 cp. This was great, but as I started to level up I noticed that I wasn't getting any more 10k eggs and getting rid of my low level eggs were a real pain. It also dawned to me that if I had waited to hatch that 10k egg I could have had a pokemon with with incredibly high cp. I am now level 22 and I have managed to get my hands on another 10k egg. I will probably wait until I am level 25 to hatch this one. Hopefully it will be something amazing. My suggestion to you is that if you have a few 10k eggs in your inventory, wait until you are at least level 21 to hatch it. Getting past level 21 can be very tough for most people because the amount of xp you have to get in order to level up is crazy. I myself have to get 100k xp in order to get to level 23. So level 21 is a good place to hatch your eggs because that is where most of the other poke trainers will be in terms of their level. You will also get a pokemon with a much higher cp which will help you in the long run.

# 4) Dont waste your stardust and only evolve your highest Cps.

Early game I was collecting the pokemon with the highest attacks and transferring some of my higher cp pokemon with lower attacks. I learned fast that this was a horrible tactic. When I evolved my pokemon with 60 attack I noticed that the evolved form would sometimes have 40 attack. It dawned to me that the attack is not scaled evenly and that the evolved forms can end up with random values for their attack. The cp however remained very low. So instead of focusing on the attack stats I started collecting high cp pokemon. I noticed that every time you evolve a pokemon is at least double the amount of cp that its un evolved form had. So keep that in mind when you evolve you pokemon. Try to catch a pokemon with the highest cp possible and then evolve it.

That being said, I would highly recommend not evolving ANY of your pokemon until you reach level 21. Start transferring most of the useless ones whenever you get the chance so that you have large amounts of candy for each pokemon. Just make sure that you keep a few of each pokemon in your inventory to evolve later on when you do decide to use that candy. Also do not waste your stardust. Increasing the cp of your pokemon early on can be the most wasteful thing you can do in game. Once again wait until you reach level 21. By then you will notice that most of the pokemon you catch range between level 500 - 1200 cp. If you want to know the best time to evolve your pokemon I will tell you in tip # 1.

# 3) Know how gyms work.

The first time I fought a gym I was very confused. I chose team instinct (because team instinct is awesome) and i went over to the closest gym in my area. I noticed that the gym was already occupied by a few team yellow members. I tried to battle it but it only allowed me to use one pokemon and obviously I got destroyed. For a long time after that I thought that you could only use one pokemon to fight at gyms. When I finally mustered up the courage to fight a gym taken over by team valor I noticed that I was able to use a set of 6 pokemon to battle. So the way it works is that if you fight a gym owned by your own team then you can battle it using only one pokemon. The reason for this is so that you can build the xp and reputation of that gym. usually you will see a number on the top of the gym. It will say something like 4000/8000. As you battle the gym, for every pokemon you defeat you will get about 100 xp each. After several battles the xp will become 8000/8000. Basically when you fill that meter, basically what you are doing is increasing the reputation of the gym to the point where you can join it. This is how you get gyms that have more than 3 pokemon in it. That being said, you cant put more than one pokemon into the gym yourself, but you can join a gym with greater than 3 pokemon in it already.

# 2) Form teams and take over gyms in waves.

What I have noticed recently is that gyms that have 1-3 pokemon in it dont last very long. I usually go around my area with my friend and we take over at least 10 gyms every few days. Within a matter of hours all ten gyms get taken over by someone else. This seems to happen almost everywhere I go. I noticed that at some gyms there were 8 - 10 players all at once. Those gyms were almost never defeated. This goes to show that if you can form teams and take over gyms as large groups, you have a higher chance of keeping that gym for days or maybe even weeks. The best way to form such groups would be through social media. Ask your friends to join you and beat all the gyms!

# 1) Use the best method to get exp!

Finally we have reached # 1. I hope you guys have found some of the tips and tricks useful. If not, I bet this one will help you the most. As you may have noticed, throughout this article I have mentioned that you should save up your stardust and pokemon evolutions until you reach level 21. Here is the main reason for that. By saving up all your evolutions, you can farm a massive amount of exp from it. I did not learn about this until I reached level 20 but if you start early you can really soar through a few levels and get ahead. As I mentioned above, the exp required for higher levels is enormous.

Here is what you can do to get all that xp at once. I would recommend having at least 20 pokemon that you can evolve before using this trick. What you will need is a lucky egg and an area with two or more poke stops. Make sure you sort all our pokemon and get rid of the excess ones so that you can access them as quickly as possible. Crack a lucky egg, which should last you 30 minutes, and go into your pokemon inventory and starte evolving every single pokemon that you possibly can. If you find any pokemon appearing in your area be sure to catch it. Also keep using the poke stops as much as possible. Each evolution should give you 1000 xp. Using the pokestops should give you another 200 xp per use. Catching pokemon should also give you a little bit. This method may seem very simple, but at the end of it you will have plenty of xp and you should be able to advance a level or two easily. Pidgey, caterpie, and weedle can be the best to evolve since they only need 12 candy. Some would recommend that you crack a incense and use a lure module while doing this, but I would suggest otherwise. Evolving a pokemon is very time consuming because the animations for each evolution lasts forever. What I would recommend is evolving all your pokemon first, then using your lure module and incense. That way you can maximize your gains.

I hope you found this article useful. Keep playing and go catch em all!


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