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Top 10 Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks to be the very best!

Pokemon Go has become the latest app sensation with millions of downloads world wide. Pokemon Go is currently available in over 30 countries which includes the United States, Canada, and most of Europe. 
Having played the game myself, I would like to share the following tips and tricks which you might find useful.

# 10) Starting off with a Pikachu. When a brand new Pokemon Go account is created, the user has the option to select one of the three classic pokemon starters. This includes charmander, squirtle, and bulbasaur. When you get this option to select your starter pokemon if you simply walk away from the three pokemon four times, the game will give you the option of selecting pikachu as your starter. Most people already know about this trick by now and it seems like those who have patiently waited for the official release of the game in places like Canada have been able to make use of this lovely exploit. 

# 9) Try to catch every pokemon you come across When we get to the top of th…