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Origami Products Worth Buying!

Origami Products I would Recommend!

All products listed below are from so it should be safe to buy and you can expect the best quality.

For your benefit I have composed a list of the very best items that I have purchased over the years for my origami and craft related projects. I will be trying some products on Etsy soon, and if I'm happy with what I find there I will add those to the list too. For now it is only amazon products.  I have made this list because I get sever questions every day asking where I get my products and what tools I use. I hope this list answers all of your questions. If you still have any further questions feel free to leave a comment below :)!

I have not listed the prices because they can change from time to time based on deals and events so it is best to just click the link to find out the price.

If you haven't already seen my origami/crafts channel on youtube, CLICK HERE to take a look.

The following are my popular videos:

Here are some products that I sell myself through my etsy store -


My goal is to create a variety of miniature origami modes that can be given as a gift for various occasions such as valentine's day, teachers day, birthdays, etc. I will try to come up with new product ideas from time to time so be sure to follow my store to get all the product updates. Almost everything that I sell is made by hand and can personalized to meet the buyer's needs! If you have any special requests you can contact me through my etsy store. Products may vary based on availability. 

Origami Paper:

Just a few tips: Before you buy any origami paper make sure you read the size that you are purchasing. Typically a 4" square sheet is too small and 9" + is too large for my purposes. That is why I look for paper that is around 6" by 6". Also pay attention to the feedback people provide for the product in the review section. It will let you know about any defects the paper might have if any.

All my paper recommendations below are roughly 6" by 6".

There are two categories of origami paper that I use.

One is for casual folding, and the other if for for gifts/videos. When I casually fold origami I don't care too much about the quality of the paper because I'm mostly just folding stuff for fun. I also want enough paper to last me a while. This is why I purchase the following set:

DOURA Origami Paper 750 Sheets Economy Pack with Storage 6 inch Square Sheet

This paper is great for learning because if you make mistakes, you have plenty of paper to spare. It doesn't have the shine or thickness of good quality origami paper, but it does the job well. It also comes with a cardboard storage box which is an added bonus.


I have tried a few varieties of low quality origami paper and this is the one I was most comfortable with so it will be the only one I recommend for now.

Let's move onto the good quality paper. This is the stuff that I would use for my youtube videos. I also use this paper when I want to give someone a gift. I have found the yasutomo brand of paper to be the best quality. These are fairly expensive compared to most origami paperyou find online but in my opinion they are worth every penny. The type of paper you buy will depend on your own personal use and preference. Here is my list.

Let me start with the simplest high quality paper you can get. This is the singled sided glossy coloured origami paper by Yasutomo company. 

Yasutomo - Origami Paper

Image result for Yasutomo - Origami Paper

The second best right after this (which is my favourite) would be the double sided origami paper. This paper is only useful if our craft/origami project has both sides of your sheet visible.

Now let's get to the fun paper. These are the sheets that really make your origami stand out since they come with various designs.

Yuzen Washi Paper

There are many differnet designs of washi paper, and the really good designs don't stay on amazon for long. In the link above you can see the various types that are available. Be sure to read the description of the items carefully to make sure it meets your requirements. I have purchased various designs over the year and I was satisfied with every single one.

Some of these washi paper have a very cloth - like texture. I personally like it because it hides creases very well. Some people don't like it because they find it hard to crease. If that is not an issue for you then you might want to give this a shot.

Yuzen Chiyogami LARGE Set of 40 Sheets

Here is another design paper I purchased just recently. I'm a huge fan of this one because not only does it have a nice looking design. It also comes double sided! It has a glossy finish too.

Origami Paper - Japanese Bird Patterns 48 Sheets


Important Origami and Craft Tools:

1) One of the most handy tools I have every used for origami and kirigami projects has been the bone tool. It's a very useful scoring tool and can not only save time and make simple folds easier but can also save your hands from going numb on extremely tedious scoring projects. I would recommend investing in one of the higher end bone tools as the quality makes a big difference in the long run. I will provide two links.

This link contains one of the higher end bone tools that I own. I use it for tedious projects when I work on origami and kirigami at home. This is especial handy for folding card stock paper.

Bookbinding & Leathercraft Bone Folder Creaser. Genuine ox bone 5"

This link contains a list of all the bone tools available on amazon. Take your time and select the best one for you!

Amazin Bone Tools!


Paper Trimmers!

Often times I use cardstock paper for my origami projects. I have to cut them down from an A4 sheet to a 6" square. This is the paper cutter that I use.

LETION A4 Paper Trimmer Titanium Scrapbooking With Automatic Security Safeguard


Origami Kits:

The following are some top rated origami kits that I would recommend. They come with excellent origami instructions and make for great presents!

The following are my favourite origami kits:

Origami Fun Kit for Beginners (Dover Fun Kits)

One Minute Paper Airplanes Kit: 12 Pop-Out Planes

Ultimate Origami Book: The Complete Step-by-step Guide To The Art Of Paper Folding

Browse through the entire catalog through this link:

The Complete Origami Catalog!


Now lets look at some awesome Kirigami (Origami Architecture) kits:

Origami Architecture: Papercraft Models of the World's Most Famous Buildings [Origami Book with DVD, 16 Projects]

Origami Jewelry: More Than 40 Exquisite Designs to Fold and Wear

Browse through the entire kirigami catalog through this link:


Thank you for visiting this page. I hope this product listing was useful.


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  2. Please tell me? From where can I get the template for Wedding Cake pop up card.
    Please do help me as soon as possible.
    Or reply me at my email :

    1. Here you go

  3. Do you sell cards? I have Been trying to make the fighter jet pop out card but cannot seem to get it to come out correctly. Might I be able to purchase from you?

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